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Endurance Specialty Holdings Ltd.
Wellesley House, 90 Pitts Bay Road
Pembroke HM 08, Bermuda
+1 441 278 0400

Investor information

To obtain a copy of our Annual Report on Form 10-K or other information about the company, including copies of the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and the Corporate Governance Guidelines, visit the Company's web site at or, for printed copies write:
Investor Relations
Endurance Specialty Holdings Ltd.
Suite No. 784, 48 Par-la-ville Road
Hamilton HM 11, Bermuda

Transfer agent and registrar

BNY Mellon Shareowner Services
480 Washington Blvd.
Jersey City, NJ 07310-1900
+1 877 272 7572 (toll-free U.S.)
+1 201 680 6693 (outside the U.S.)

Independent registered public accounting firm

Ernst & Young Ltd.
Reid Hall, 3 Reid Street
Hamilton HM 11, Bermuda

Ordinary shares

The following table sets forth, for the fiscal quarters and periods indicated, the high and low sale price per ordinary share as reported on the NYSE under the symbol “ENH” for the two most recent fiscal years:

  2008 price range   2007 price range
  High   Low   High   Low
First Quarter $ 42.29   $ 36.26   $ 36.68   $ 33.35
Second Quarter $ 38.85   $ 30.79   $ 41.22   $ 35.08
Third Quarter $ 36.00   $ 26.73   $ 41.99   $ 36.94
Fourth Quarter $ 31.53   $ 20.00   $ 43.20   $ 37.60

The approximate number of record holders of our ordinary shares as of March 9, 2009, was 174, not including beneficial owners of shares registered in nominee or street name.

Management certifications

The certifications of our Chief Executive Officer and our Chief Financial Officer required under Section 302 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 have been filed as exhibits to our Annual Report on Form 10-K, which is available on our web site at and from the SEC at In 2008 we also filed the CEO certification as required by the New York Stock Exchange.

RATINGS A.M. Best Moody's Standard
& Poor's


Financial Strength (principal operating subsidiaries) A A2 A


Senior Unsecured Debt bbb   Baa1 BBB+
Subordinated Debt bbb– Baa2
Preferred Stock bb+ Baa3 BBB–
Endurance Holdings Capital Trust I Baa2
Endurance Holdings Capital Trust II Baa2
Comparison of 5-Year Cumulative Total Return

The graph at left illustrates the cumulative 5-year shareholder return, including reinvestment of dividends, of the Company's ordinary shares, compared with such return for the (1) Standard & Poor's ("S&P") 500 Composite Stock Price Index and (2) S&P Property & Casualty Industry Group Stock Price Index, in each case measured during the period from December 31, 2003 to December 31, 2008. During this period, the cumulative total return on the Company's ordinary shares was 5%, the cumulative total return for the S&P 500 Composite Stock Price Index was -10% and the cumulative total return for the S&P Property & Casualty Industry Group Stock Price Index was -13%.

  12/03 12/04 12/05 12/06 12/07 12/08
Endurance Specialty Holdings Ltd. 100.00 104.42 112.60 118.43 138.69 104.72
S&P 500 100.00 110.88 116.33 134.70 142.10 89.53
S&P Property & Casualty Insurance 100.00 110.42 127.11 143.48 123.44 87.14

The stock price performance included in this graph is not necessarily indicative of future stock price performance.

Endurance Specialty Holdings Ltd. 2008 Annaual Report